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We have gone from a Mobile Detail Service to a Fixed Auto Detail
Shop. We continue to get many requests for mobile work but we can no
longer offer Mobile Detail Services. We did not take this decision
lightly. In the end we decided we can only serve our customers best
if we have a fixed operation.

Fixed Operation Vs Mobile Detail Service:

1. Your Car Stays Out of the Sun from Start to Finish.
2. We have All the Proper Tools and Equipment on Hand.
3. We have All our Auto Polishes, Auto Waxes and Paint Sealants on hand.
4. We have All the Electrical, Plumbing and Proper Water Drainage.
5. Any Special Needs that pop up can be addressed immediately.
6. We can better serve your other needs such as Upholstery and Car Valuations.

We have found that having an Auto Detail Shop better serves you, the
customer. With our fixed shop we can guarantee we will have all the
right tools, equipment and chemicals for your car. When we were Mobile, we would sometimes come across Special Needs for a car that would require us to re-schedule a job, inconveniencing both you and us.

With a fixed Auto Detail Shop we are able to focus on your car and be
as efficient as possible, allowing the Maximum Attention To Detail to
bring out the brilliant shine your car deserves.

Call Us at 808-484-5888 Today!

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Auto Detail Shop
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