Best Auto Wax?
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People ask us what is the Best Auto Wax out there. After extensive product testing, our answer is - in Hawaii, there is no best wax out there. Waxes and resins have low melting points. In Hawaii, with such a huge Sun Footprint, you will need to re-apply a paste wax about every 2 weeks. You just can't stick with the same old Car Care Products. You need something that truely protects your car's paint. You need a Polymeric Elastomer or Glassplexin Based Paint Sealant. You will find these products at E Cars Auto Detailing, LLC.

A Few Facts About The Paint Sealants We Use

1. One Application can last up to 12 months with proper care.
2. Your Shine will not dull while our Paint Sealants are Active.
3. Your Paint is protected against UV (ultraviolet) Sun Damage.
4. Your Paint will not Oxidize while Paint Sealant is Active.
5. Your Paint will not fade while Paint Sealant is Active.

Once you have experienced what a state of the art Paint Sealant/Protection Product can do for your car, you won't go back to the same old products. Give us one try and you will be hooked on E Cars Auto Detailing.

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Water Spot Removal and Paint Sealant

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