Headlight Restoration
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Thank you for visiting our Headlight Restoration and Resurface Before And After Pictures Gallery. If you need to have your Headlights Restored to a Like New Condition, Call us first.

Many times people just assume there is nothing that can be done about cloudy, dulled head lamps. It's just not true.

The first thing to realize is that you are losing important light illuminations. Dull Headlights emit less light and are therefore not as safe a set of new or refinished lenses. It is akin to trying to see out of a pair of dirty eye glasses.

The next thing to know is: We are headlight restoration specialists. This is one of our favorite specialty services to perform. We love to see the look of disbelief on our customers eyes when we make a set of headlamps look brand new. We have even been accused of secretly replacing the headlights. Believe us, this is not the case. We have perfected this service to save you money. New headlamp lenses can cost $200 to $700 each. We perform this this service for $50 each.

That's right, E Cars Auto Detailing performs full headlight restoration for just $100 per set. Some European models are slightly higher but we do our best to keep the price minimal compared to buying new lamps.

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Headlight Resurface Honolulu Oahu Hawaii
Resurface Headlamps Honolulu Oahu Hawaii

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