MX7 Metal Polish
Cleans * Polishes * Protects
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MX-7 Metal Polish Cleaner and Protection

* Aluminum
* Chrome
* Silver
* Gold
* Pewter
* Plexiglass
* Magnesium
* Stainless Steel
* Copper
* Brass
* Enamel
* Fiberglass

MX7 Metal Polish is a revolutionary formula that is fast acting in cleaning, polishing & Protecting. This Polish is designed to ultimately give the highest luster with the least amount of effort. For use on highly polished metals including aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, magnesium, silver, copper, brass, gold and pewter. MX-7 Polish works excellent in removing scratches on clear/coat and non-clear/coat paint. This unique formula restores glass, plexiglass, fiberglass, enamel, and removes years of residue, rust and oxidation.

It is always our goal to offer the best in Auto Detailing Products. We are always on a quest to find better products for our customers' car care needs. Because paint and clear coat technology is always evolving, we must always adapt and evolve. Not all Auto Detailers are created equal. We carry the latest in Car Detailing Products. We take care of your car the right way the first time.

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