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Water, Rust & Red Dirt Stain Remover
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What is a MX7 Stain Remover? You generally have 2 types of automotive stains. Exterior Water Stains (Water Spots, Red Dirt, Rust, etc...)and Interior Fabric Stains (Dirt, Grease, Oil, Coffee, Food etc...).

We have 3 of the best products on the market for your stain removal needs.

MX-7 Plus for Rust & Red Dirt Stain Removal
MX-7 Ultra for Water Stain Removal (Water Spots)
MX7 Upholstery Shampoo for Lether, Vinyl and Fabrid Stain Removal

MX-7 Plus is Designed for Rust & Red Dirt Stain Removal on Automotive paint (clear/coat and non-clear/coat safe),plastics, plexi-glass, fiber glass (gel coat safe on all boats), synthetic marble, formica,vinyl, rubber, leather, non-polished aluminum, concrete, terrazzo, slate, futura, stone, and other hard surfaces.Disolves Hard Water, Rust, Red Dirt, Chlorine, Oil Drips, Grease,Soot, Mildew, Stains, and Calcium on Automotive, Marine, Industrial, and Household Surfaces.

MX-7 Ultra is a Hard Water Spot Remover & Cleaner for Glass is specially formulated to penetrate and remove Silica, Calcium, Mineral & Lime Deposits, Chlorine, Soot and other hard buildup stains from Automotive, Household, Commercial and Marine Glass. Also removes Scuff and Rubber Marks, Grease and Oil, Toilet Bowl Rings, Soap Scum, Mildew Stain, and more without damaging the recommended surfaces.

MX7 Upholstery Shampoo is Designed as a multi-purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. It is excellent in penetrating and removing Oil, Grease, Dirt, Road Film & Soot, Coffee Stains,Food Stains, Soy Sauce Stains, and More without damaging the Recommended Surfaces.

It is always our goal to offer the best in Auto Detailing Products. We are always on a quest to find better products for our customers' car care needs. Because paint and clear coat technology is always evolving, we must always adapt and evolve. Not all Auto Detailers are created equal. We carry the latest in Car Detailing Products. We take care of your car the right way the first time.

MX-7 Plus Rust & Dirt Stain Remover MX-7 Ultra Water Spot Remover MX-7 Upholstery Shampoo Stain Remover
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MX7 Stain Remover


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