Specialty Detailing Services
Wet Sanding & Buff
Rim Polishing
Headlight Restoration

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Here are some of the Special Services We Can Offer:

Headlight Resurfacing
We can make your headlights look new again. This is probably the most important special service we can offer. Your lights will look awsome. But this is not the primary reason to have your lights resurfaced. When your head lights are resurfaced and restored back to like new condition they will emit more lumens. Sometimes as much as 30% more light emanation. This makes your night time driving much more safe. As much as 30% more safe.

Headlamp Resurfacing Pricing:
Starting Price $50 per Headlight
Severe Headlamps $75 per Headlight

Headlamp Resurfacing
Headlight Restoral

Water Spot Removal
We can get rid of the hardest water spots and make your car shine! There are not many water spots out there that we cannot remedy. There are a few cases where the water has etched into the clear coat and paint of a vehicle. In these cases we may recommend wet sand and buff to restore your paint. As with all of our special services we need to see your vehicle for the final price determination. Final price will be based on product usage and labor time involved.

Water Spot Removal - Starting Prices:
Vertical Side Panels $50 per panel
(4 panels per side)
Horzontal Panels $70 per Panel
(Hood, Roof, Trunk)

Remove Water Spots Honolulu Hawaii
Remove Water Spots Aiea, Pearl City Oahu

Wet Sand and Buff Paint Surfaces (Paint Restoral)
Don't Paint, Re-Juvinate! Why spend $3,000 to $4,000 on a quality paint job before you try our Automotive Paint Restoral Services. Come down for some Free Sample work and a Free Estimate.

Wet Sand and Buff Pricing:
Vertical Side Panels $50 per Panel
(4 panels per side)
Horzontal Panels $100 per Panel
(Hood, Roof, Trunk)

These are starting prices. So a small/midsize car would start at $600 for a full wet sand & Buff job. Larger cars pricing is slightly more. For a large SUV you may spend as much as $1,000 for the whole car to be wet sanded and buffed.

Some cars need to be fully restored. Some cars may only need the Hood, Roof and Trunk due to the higher concentration of solar and weather abuse the Horizontal panels receive.

Wet Sand & Buff
Wer Sand & Buff Honolulu Oahu Hawaii

Rim Polishing and Restoral
We can sometimes restore the tuffest stains and blimishes on rims. Rims can be a little more tricky depending on the condition and cause of blimishes.

Pricing can be as low as $30 per rim and as much as $60 per rim. Bring one rim down to us for some quick Sample Work and a Free Estimate.

Rim Polish and Restoral
Rim Polishing and Cleaning

Rental Vehicle Program - $31
Here is a special service you can appreciate. We have a Vehicle Rental program in place. We do charge a small fee for this service. We did have to purchase our rental vehicle and we do need to maintain them. We charge a $31 which includes the rental rate plus the $7 daily Hawaii State Surcharge.

Loaner Cars at E Cars Auto Detailing, LLC

We offer the following Detailing Packages

1. Maintenance Detail Package
2. Platinum Detail Package
3. Diamond Detail Package
4. Specialty Detail Services

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