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Thank you for visiting our Wet Sand And Buff Before And After Detailing Pictures. If you need a Wet Sand And Buff on your car call us first.

Wet sanding and buffing as a combination may be used to correct some damaged paint situations. Clear coat scratches can be repaired and etched clear coat/paint may be repaired. However, we do not recommend you try this technique on your own.

Your first obstacle will be obtaining the proper tools and supplies. Expect to spend at least $300 to $400 for a professional rotary buffer, a wool buff pad, a foam buff pad, 2 to 3 buffing compounds and paint sealant, 3 grit levels of sand paper, and your spray bottle for water.

Your next obstacle is it takes a skilled technician several months to years to become fully knowledgeable in the art and science of this advanced body shop and detailing technique. Think about this for a couple of seconds (or minutes)... You are about to drag sand paper across the finish of your car's paint in hopes to make it shine like new again. It is a challenge left to a professional.

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